Sea-kayaking trips

Reimann Retked is the biggest company in Estonia offering sea-kayaking trips. We have trips for those who look for romantic tours, for those wishing to get an exciting experience, and for those who are willing to educate themselves about local  nature and culture.
Such small islands like in Estonian coastal waters cannot be found elsewhere and the limestone cliff is worth seeing. The best way to explore our natural treasures is to use a sea-kayak.

Diving and sea-kayaking
You can experience two in one and also try diving in some of our sea-kayaking trips. The best diving place is nearby the island of Mohni. Its coastline is  attractive for divers as the water gets deep quickly there are interesting bolders to be seen and many fish in the waters .The diving activity is guided by experienced instructors who have also worked in Egyptian waters. Previous diving experience is not needed as the diving takes place together with an instructor after thorough guidance.