Pakri islands

During our two-day trip we explore the Big Pakri island and the Small Pakri island.
We start the trip from the notorious Kurkse harbour, cross the Kurkse Strait and explore the island’s nature, old villages and well preserved cannon base built in 1917. During the first day we will explore the Small Pakri where we will also stay for night.
Small Pakri island is bigger by its territory than the island of Big Pakri but when the names were given the size was taken into consideration according to the number of inhabitants and there were less people in Small Pakri than in Big Pakri. The island was mainly inhabited by Swedes up to 1964, after that the island became a military training area for all soviet countries. Currently the island has a few permanent settlements.

The most interesting part of the island is the limestone coast in the northern part, which is 4 km long and 17 m high. The sea has during the times washed away the softer rock of the limestone coast forming caves and other interesting formations. In the north-western part of the island the limestone coast becomes an interesting slope with natural gritstone.
During the second day we will get to know the Big Pakri island and paddle back to the Kurkse harbour.

Duration: 2 days
Length: 22-32 km
Price per person: 85 EUR

The price includes: instruction, kayaking equipment, four meals, and a tour guide