Two days on Kolga Bay islands

During the two-days trip we will visit 5 Kolga Bay islands (4 islands until the 20th of July as

Umblu island has limited access due to birds). All islands have been inhabited for centuries. Presently noone lives on the islands but former village sites are well visible, several people who had to leave their homes in 1953 have restored their homes. The best restored farm is Kiini on Rammu island and we will stay overnight in that sauna. Kolga Bay islands have one of the most varied nature, there are both sandy and stone-covered beaches. There are interesting sandy terraces and small lakes on Rammu island, rich bird habitation. Therefore a landscape protection area was established here. During the trip one can hear many interesting stories of the nature and culture of the islands. The sea-kayaks enable visiting the islands with minimal damage to the environment and it is easy to follow birds and coastline from the kayaks.
We start the trip from the resort centre “Valkla beach”, kayak to Pedassaare island and have a look at the former forest keeper’s place and the 8 meters high terrace. Here is the best view to other Kolga Bay islands and the two-days route is visible for us from there. We will eat lunch on Pedasaar. Then we will kayak to Koipsi island where we will hike to a former fishermen village where the buildings have been restored on four former farm places. After that we will proceed to Rammu island where used to be 22 farms once and presently four summer cottages have been built to former farm places. We will have some sauna and dinner. The kayaking distance of the first day is ca 15 km.

In the morning of the second day we will walk in the pine forest which was planted in 1980s by the forest service in order to fulfil the planting plan. As there was no more space on the mainland, there was an idea to use the “useless” island for that. We will see the idyllic small lakes and the biggest meadow in North -Estonia.

After that we will glance at the islands of Rohusi and Umblu. Umblu is a good example of where the lack of land drove people. Even this small and treeless island of 2500 m2 has been inhabited although it once had some trees on it too. The living conditions were harsh; thus the children had to climb the hayloft of the house to escape from the flood by the sea during the storm.

Duration: 2 days
Length: total ca 27 km
Price per person: 90 EUR

The price includes: instruction, kayaking equipment, four meals, accommodation in a sauna and a tour guide

The package has Estonian ecotourism label EHE – Estonia the Natural Way