Aegna Island – an adventure in Tallinn

The Island of Aegna is 14 km away from the mainland across the ship route This island which is subject to Tallinn city administration is only 1,5 km away from mainland. Since there is also the island of Kräsuli in the same route, we do not have to go further than couple of meters away from the shore.

We start a trip in the evening from the beach of Rohuneeme, pass the palace of our ex-president with a dignified distance, then the island of Kräsuli and reach teh Aegna coast which is very changeful being covered by boulders but at the same time hiding beautiful sand beaches in its bay.

The majority of the island is covered by forest that hides the remains of the Sea Fort of the name of Peter the Great built in the 20th century .

We will paddle around the island during the trip and make a couple of short walking tours on the islands when we will explore the local nature and military remnants.

Duration: 4 hours
Length: ca 13 km
Price per person: 45 EUR