Adventure Park

Life in a countryside is a great adventure – come and join this adventure in Mikumardi farm. 

Today’s adventure parks and games are not new, the life in the countryside has been full of adventures since the beginning of times. 

Mikumardi farm-life adventure park has been established on the lands of the Mikumardi farm, which has been owned by the family of Ernesaks/Reimann since 1883.  Currently there are 100 cows, sheep in the farm and  700 hectars of land is being cultivated.  Mikumardi farmers cultivate the oldest Estonian fields in Rebala.  In the adventure park you can try the tools and farm work as it was done centuries ago but also current modern farm work. In  Mikumardi adventure park the local community shares their knowledge on agricuture and farm life, you can spend your time in an adventurous way and practice team work skills.
The adventures take place from April to November and only when booked in advance.

In Mikumardi adventure park you can get to know the history of an old-established Estonian farm, milk a cow by hands, ride a zipline ending in a haystack, test your balance on milk vessels, test team work skills by chasing animals, participate in farm work depending on the season (mowing hay, shearing sheep, ploughing, cultivating, harvesting, etc.)