One day on Kolga Bay Islands

Pearls of the northern coast

Kolga Bay islands have one of the most varied nature and history of the islands in the northern coast. Therefore a landscape protection area was established here in 1999. Due to nestling of several sea bird species, walking is allowed only on a limited territory until the 20th July. There are mostly remnants of old villages where already modern houses have been built. This will anyhow give and opportunity to get an overview of the history and nature of the islands.
We start from Kaberneeme, visit the islands of Koipsi and Rammu where bigger villages of the area were located. If we have time and energy we will glance at the islands of Rohusi and Umblu. Umblu is a good example of where the lack of land drove people. Even this small and treeless island has been inhabited although it once had some trees on it too. The living conditions were harsh; thus the children had to climb the hayloft of the house to escape from the flood by the sea during the storm.

Duration: 7 hours
Length: 17 km
Price per person: 60 EUR

The price includes: instruction, kayaking equipment, a lunch, and a tour guide