Mohni Island

The trip starts from Viinistu, we paddle to Mohni island which is a long narrow island where few trees and crops grow. The island’s landscape is partly amazingly similar to the northern landscape – tundra. The most attractive tree is a primeval tree under protection – Mohni linden. There is a lighthouse and some buildings left by the Soviet border guard on the island. The Mohni lighthouse used to be an important landmark for the sailors as well as to fishermen who used it as a shelter from storms. Half a century ago the island served as a place of protection for spirit traders.
We explore the island’s nature; look at stuff left by the border guards and remains of shipwrecks. We eat our lunch in the island of Mohni. After wondering the nordic nature we will paddle back to Viinistu.

Duration: 7 hours
Length: 13 km
Price per person: 60 EUR
The price includes: instruction, kayaking equipment, a lunch, and tour guide