Valkla center

Valkla is located about 40 km from Tallinn.

In Valkla seaside centre you can kayak, participate in a rally with a raft, rent a SUP-board and take part in various water and speed boat activities.

You can join a sea-kayking trip to Pedassaar island from the  centre in case you ordr it in advance (+3725114099).

In July the sunset sea- kayaking trips will start at 6 pm to Pedassaar island and starting from the 1st of August they will take place at 7 pm.

Please inform us about your wish to participate by calling +372 5114099.
It costs 30 eur per person.

The minimum price is 120 eur or four participants.

Regular trips take place on Thursdays, in July starting at 7 pm and in August starting at 6 pm. Advance booking is necessary.

Buses to Valkla:

no 152B
Balti jaam (railway station)- Valkla hooldekodu
working days and Saturday  8:00-8:59, 16:30-17:31
Valkla hooldekodu – Balti jaam working day 1:23-12:16, 19:30-20:19, Saturday 11:21-12:13, 19:37-20:24

no 154
Balti jaam – Valkla working day 11:10-12:07, 19:30-20:26, Saturday, Sunday 10:20-11:18, 19:35-20:29
Valkla -Balti jaam workign day 6: