Beaver-watching trips

The tracks of beavers are well visible by the rivers all around Estonia. But one needs knowledge and patience to see beavers in nature. Our guides have acquainted themselves with the life of beavers and are ready to introduce it to you in the evenings on Jägala river. As all enemies of beavers are animals who move on the land and not in the water, beavers feel very courageous in the water and are sometimes even curious. One might be able to hear the warning signals of beavers  – the splashing of their tales and the darker it gets the more active the beavers will become. It might happen that we can even see beavers swimming out of the water next to our kayaks. However, how close we can get to the beavers, depends on the patience of the participants and their ability to keep sufficient silence.

The meeting place will be at Tammiku bus stop on Piibe road (28 km from Tallinn). The cars will be left there and we will go to the starting place in Soodla. The instruction will take place there and we will sit into kayaks and listen to the stories about the life of beavers and watch the traces of their activities on the riverside.

Tranfers from Tallinn to the starting place of the trip are also possible.

The trips will start at 19.00 in May and August and at 20.00 in June and July.
Length: ca 8 km
Duration: ca 3,5 hours
Price: 45 EUR per person
The price includes kayaking equipment, instruction, a beaver watching guide and a meal
The minimum group size is: 4 persons or minimum group price is 180 eur